Dentigerus Cysts

By February 3, 2019Family Pet Veterinary Blog

As described in a
recent post, dental
conditions are often hidden and painful. The following posts are
going to help describe conditions that pets can get as well as
treatment. Many people I talk with are surprised how we can help pets
with dental conditions and save teeth whenever possible.

The above image explains dentigerous cysts well. It is important to remember unerupted teeth and retained tooth roots both are likely to cause problems. If you notice a tooth that does not have a matching tooth on the other side, make sure to ask your veterinarian to check it with intraoral x-rays. Should you own a breed with a short nose aka brachycephalic, missing teeth on both sides is more likely a problem thus may be easily overlooked. Please ensure your dog has full mouth intraoral x-rays or 3D imaging as it is shown intraoral x-rays reveal unexpected or additional new findings in 72% of dogs.

May be seen

While an x-ray may
look like this:

to learn more about dental care in your pet.