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Since 2008, Family Pet Veterinary Center's focus has remained the same - to provide your pet with valuable quality care for life.

Pain Practitioner

Dr. Jen Mathis is a pain management expert. She is the first veterinarian Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner in Iowa!

3 Locations

We have 3 locations in the Greater Des Moines Iowa area to better serve you - with a wonderful and compassionate team!

Read recent articles we\'ve written for you and your pets!

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Wellness Plans
Routine Exams
Surgical Procedures
Laser Therapy
Pain Management
Nutritional Counseling
Behavioral Counseling

Latest Photos

Photos from all 3 of our locations!
Molly doesn't care if it's not lady like- she lets her tongue hang out anyways!! #labradoodle #vet #southdesmoines
Kittens!! Available for adoption at Furry Friends Refuge! #furryfriends #westdesmoines #vet
Adorable Pippa! #puppy #vet #westdesmoines #cavapoo
Tito #sugarglider #norwalkia #vet #clinicpet
Smooch made herself right at home! #vet #norwalk
Tyler was set on getting a treat!
Teddy is rocking a Mohawk today after his haircut!
Kiki decided the counter was a perfect spot to lay down today! Too cute!
Introducing Brooklyn Meatloaf. Her owner's granddaughters picked the name. How do you pick your pet's name?
Just another day at the office for Miss Misjif!!
We had a small pack visit us today! Aren't these boys gorgeous?
Dexter - aka Mr. Hollywood. Has a smile and is full of tricks.
Mr. Jake- always a gentleman, even during bath time!
A pair of adorable visitors today! Cute overload!!
Adorable Miss Moxxie!
Otter showed us she is a lap dog today during her visit!
Staff getting hugs from Abigail before she outgrows them!
This adorable little guy visited today... Won't be this little for long!
Smiles all around!
Taking the dogs for a walk. #adventuresofyeller

Maintain Health


If you haven't been to a vet in a while, relax. Start with a complete checkup for your pet.


It's important to stay on top of shots, overall health, and mental health issues.

Wellness Plans Now Available!

Let's put together an eating and fitness plan that brings out the best in your pet.

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    Written by Lindsay Black  Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is defined as the degeneration of the intervertebral discs resulting in displacement of disc material into the spinal canal. The most common type of IVDD (Type 1) typically occurs in chondrodystrophic breeds (long body, short legged dogs) and, on rare occasions, can occur in felines. IVDD can be a […]
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    By Trudee DeWitt, RVT At FPVC we are big believers in acupuncture, laser therapy and multi-modal pain therapies. Unfortunately, many people do not share in our belief, so I wanted to share one of our several success stories… In August, we had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Jack Burton, a 5 year old dachshund who […]
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    Both dogs and cats can go through some gastrointestinal issues. The hard part is finding what caused it. The first thing to ask yourself and your family is if anything has changed in the pet’s environment? Moving, going out of town, boarding, new cleaners, new carpet or furniture, or a change in food can all […]
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