Boarding Prices

Why board with us?

  • We have a licensed Veterinarian here for any emergencies that your dogs might encounter while staying in a new place.
  • If they are Senior pets or have daily medication, having a trained Veterinarian on hand can give you a peace of mind that your pet is getting the best possible care during their visit.
  • We have a trained Kennel staff that love your animals as if they were their own.
  • They are walked by hand, just like you would walk your own dog.
  • They can have their yearly vaccines and visit while they are boarding and save you a visit.
  • They are fed a carefully evaluated Veterinary Grade food
  • They can have a bath & nail trim before they come home to you.

For more information on our boarding policies and vaccine requirements, etc… Click HERE.

Boarding Prices Per Night:

  • Cat: $22.36
  • Dogs under 15 pounds: $21.42
  • Dogs from 15-39 pounds: $22.97
  • Dogs from 40-69 pounds: $24.94
  • Dogs from 70-89 pounds: $28.92
  • Dogs 90 pounds and up: $29.87
  • Exotic: $18.77