Cut It Oddly

As you’ve seen in other posts, this is my art side coming out. Veterinary Dentistry is the arts and crafts of veterinary medicine.

This post is part of a series started many months ago in regards to card creations we are using in the office (and showcasing my creative outlet).

In the class, “With a Twist,” we are told try different things with the materials we already have. I chose to “cut it oddly” like one of the lessons. This was one of my favorite Altenew classes.

I decided to use the reinker supplies I already have in a different way and cut it oddly as in the lesson.
First, a quarter sheet of photo paper or glossy card stock was set out. A large cotton ball was soaked in rubbing alcohol and drops of reinker were placed on the cotton ball.

Gold metallic reinker was also used. One card used two drops of blue reinker and 4 drops of gold, while the other used 4 drops of blue and 2 drops of gold. The cotton ball is pounced onto the cardstock giving the marble look, then allowed to dry.

Accents of gold mirror cardstock was added to complete the oddly cut card.

If you are the recipient of one of these cards from my office, I hope it brightens your day!

Dr. Jen