Benefits of Adopting Adults

Looking for a new furry friend to join your family? While puppies and kittens may be what you’re looking for, there are a number of benefits to adopting adults!

  • Cost! While you certainly want to get your new pet in for a wellness exam, the cost of initial care is considerably less for adult pets. They are often spayed or neutered, microchipped, and current on basic vaccines. If you are considering declawing your new cat, consider adopting a cat that has already had this procedure performed!
  • Behavior! What you see is often what you get. It’s hard to know what personality a pet will have if you are meeting them as babies. Lack of time and experience to train may lead to bad behaviors, while genetics may have a number of surprises as well! Adoption centers do a pretty good job of getting to know the animals they care for. Do they get along with kids? Other animals? Do they have separation or storm anxiety?
  • Altruism! Adopting an adult isn’t just beneficial to you, it’s a service to them. Puppies and kittens often have their new homes lined up even before they are old enough to adopt! Many adult and senior animals will spend their lives in a shelter, never finding that forever home.
  • Fast friends! When making friends with people, we connect with people on our level. We don’t wait for babies to grow and hope our personalities match… Why do that with your pet?image2 image1


These are just a few benefits of adopting adult pets. To realize all the joy an adult pet can bring to your life, you have to make that choice! So check with your local shelter to find that friend today. Then contact the Family Pet Veterinary Center to schedule your complimentary exam!