Benefits of Pet Insurance

Why should I get pet insurance?

For animals that experience sudden illness or injury, it may mean the difference between life and death. Anyone who’s ever owned an animal can testify to the rising costs of healthcare, especially in emergency situations! If your pet were diagnosed with an expensive medical condition, could you afford the unexpected expense?

Pet insurance companies, like Trupanion, Pet Plan, or Pet’s Best, function in much the same way as human insurance programs, but often cover a greater portion of the costs.

What do they cover and cost?

Every insurance company is different, but coverage is often dictated by both your monthly premium and deductible. Trupanion, for example, covers 90% of costs and has a relatively rapid reimbursement rate. The deductible, set by you, dictates the cost of your monthly premium. Although the cost between companies will vary, quotes are easily obtained and affordable for most people. That being said, they usually do not cover routine care or preventative procedures.


When should we get insurance?

The sooner the better! Young, active and inquisitive animals are prone to injury, and often eat things they shouldn’t. Most plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, so it is essential that they be enrolled before illness or accidents happen. Plans for young animals are also more affordable, but usually available for pets of any age. Check with your veterinarian to see what insurance company they recommend.

Client testimonial:

“My dog needed abdominal surgery, which was going to be about $2000, and I didn’t have the funds. I had already enrolled him with Trupanion, which covered 90% of the cost. Having pet insurance allowed me to get him the surgery he needed, rather than euthanizing him because I couldn’t afford the costs. There are other pet insurance companies out there. Most of them cover a lesser amount and getting reimbursed can take months. With Trupanion, I had a check within 14 days.” Autumn

This information is helpful in thinking about pet insurance choices: